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Fortnite World Cup Winner

The world famous Fortnite now has its own world cup called the Fortnite World Cup. That was launched as an e-sports sport by Epic Games…

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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is an 3D platformer about collecting stars and exploring new galaxies with stars that you have collected from the galaxies ,the big…

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Playing APEX Legends Game at INSOMNIA 64 Games Festival 2019

The Insomnia 64 gaming festival is currently underway at the Birmingham National Exhibition centre. One of the primary attractions is to be able to sit…

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Insomnia 64 Tabletop Tournament

Insomnia’s Tournament has a variety of games, including classic tabletop games which you can compete in a tournament for a prize in teams.

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Insomnia 64 EAS Add-on

Insomnia also has an available add-on for your BYOC or weekend ticket which allows you to access the festival early at 09:00 to set up…

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