Fortnite is a Free-to-play battle royale game, where around 100 players fight to be the last one standing. What makes this different from other battle royale games is that it has a lot of unique and interesting items, it also has a unique artstyle which is more cartoon compared to a lot of battle royale games. Fortnite has become very popular and is looking to release a new mode called “Save the world” which is currently in early access.

The main thing that distinguishes Fortnite from a lot of other battle royale games is the build mechanic it has where you can gather resources from nearby areas and build structures to help you on the way, an example of this is building cover when you are in the open. To keep things interesting, Fortnite is constantly adding new modes to Battle Royale such as one where players can build infinitely to show off their creations.

With a lot of popular games, Fortnite has also become very competitive hosting tournaments for other players to join in with prizes. The way that Fortnite earns money from the game is by adding skins for characters and pets, which do not affect gameplay at all and are cosmetic only. These can be earned by playing the game regularly to obtain its ingame currency but purchasing the ingame currency is a quicker way to earn this.

Fortnite also has a Battle Royale season pass which allows the player to claim the reward for some missions without playing them, and also letting them unlock new missions with far greater rewards for a small price. This is where the creators of Fortnite make most of their money, by adding cosmetic only items and sometimes items that are timed which collectors keep.

In conclusion, since Fortnite is a Free-to-play game it’s worth checking out but sometimes playing the same mode can get boring as it can get repetitive, but Fortnite is looking to release their early access mode for free hopefully adding more content for free players

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