Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is an open-world game about fighting monsters and collecting materials to gain access to better weapons and equipment,the big differences here than past Monster Hunter games is that this game has multiplayer co-op allowing to hunt down massive monsters alongside your friends for rewards.

Another main thing that seperates this from other Monster Hunter games is that there are no loading screens when moving from place-to-place allowing you to travel the world seamlessly without any waiting for the next area to load, the game has been modernised than previous games with better controls and fights.

One of the big features of Monster Hunter World is that monsters wandering the open-world can fight eachother if they come across eachother, which can be easier than fighting the monster yourself when you can get another to do the work for you.

The wide range of items and weapons allows for different strategies when fighting a monster for example, you can hide in the grass using a ghillie suit to sneakily attack the monsters or you can wait for the monster to fall asleep and then lay a trap for it which will make fighting it much easier.

Or if the game is a bit too easy for you, you can try capturing a monster which is a long process which first requires you to tranquilize a monster. Then you wait until it limps which shows that it is wounded and then must be captured with a net once tranquilized.

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