Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is the anticipated sequel of the original game and is a game about splatting your enemies with paint in an effort to cover as much of the map in your teams paint to win, among many other modes.

What sets Splatoon 2 apart from the original Splatoon is that there is now local multiplayer so you can play with your friends in the same room, there are new attacks and weapons though there isnt much else that sets apart Splatoon 2 from the original.

The new weapon type, Splat Dualies lets you splat your friends with a weapon in each hand allowing for a lot of new playstyles.

What many people prefer from Splatoon 2 is that there is new content, and all of the weapons have been balanced allowing for fair playstyles for everyone.

Author: Sami

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